July 19, 2021

Morning Docket: 07.19.21 | Above the Law

Morning Docket: 07.19.21 | Above the Law

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* Break it up! Biden signs executive order that will focus antitrustin’ on labor, healthcare, tech, agriculture, and more. [Global News]

* Texas passes law that basically lets them teach kids that white males are the only important figures in history. Sorry, Susan B. Anthony! [The Root]

* Surgeon General open to federally legalizing marijuana. Nate Dogg would be proud. [HuffPost]

* California starts a guaranteed income program that prioritizes pregnant folks and people who age out of the foster system. No zingy line here. This is great. [Business Insider]

* Biden releases Guantanamo detainee four years after they were cleared to go. [Business Insider]

Morning Docket: 07.19.21 | Above the Law Chris Williams became a social media manager and assistant editor for Above the Law in June 2021. Prior to joining the staff, he moonlighted as a minor Memelord™ in the Facebook group Law School Memes for Edgy T14s. Before that, he wrote columns for an online magazine named The Muse Collaborative under the pen name Knehmo. He endured the great state of Missouri long enough to graduate from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. He is a former boatbuilder who cannot swim, a published author on critical race theory, philosophy, and humor, and has a love for cycling that occasionally annoys his peers. You can reach him by email at cwilliams@abovethelaw.com.

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