June 6, 2021

Lawyers Are Sharing The Best Legal Fails They’ve Ever Seen

Lawyers Are Sharing The Best Legal Fails They've Ever Seen


“I’m not a lawyer, but my dad is a physician and is sometimes called as a professional witness in cases of malpractice. In one memorable case, a family was suing a doctor for something fairly frivolous, and my dad was a witness for the defense.”

“The lawyer representing the family was cross-examining my dad, and brought up a chapter in a medical textbook and asked my dad to read a highlighted paragraph. He did, and the lawyer says something to the effect of, ‘So, what you just read means.’ My dad confidently replied, ‘No, it does not mean that.’

Lawyer: No but if you read xyz, the author clearly states.

Dad: No, really, that’s not what the author means.

Lawyer: How do you know that’s not what the author meant?

Dad: Well, because I wrote it.

Judge basically facepalmed while the lawyer mimicked a goldfish and stared at the author name on the chapter. Basically the best moment of my dad’s professional life. (Yes, ruling was in the defendant’s favor.)”


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