April 18, 2021

David Rimita: Lawyers mourn judge removed in 2003 ‘radical surgery’

David Rimita: Lawyers mourn judge removed in 2003 ‘radical surgery’

The late Justice (rtd) David Rimita. [Courtesy]

Meru lawyers yesterday mourned Justice (rtd) David Rimita who died at a Nairobi hospital yesterday morning.

Staff at his Maitai Rimita and Company Advocates where he settled after removal by the 2003 “radical surgery” based on a report by a taskforce that was chaired by Justice (rtd) Aaron Gitonga Ringera, said the retired judicial officer who hailed from Mituntu in Tigania West sub-county succumbed after a week in hospital

Justice Rimita’s secretary Lydiah Kabirithu said Rimita has been away from office for the last three weeks.

Lawyer Henry Kurauka said Rimita was a pioneer legal mind in Meru who mentored many young lawyers.

“He was a fair, judicious Judge,” said Kurauka.

Rimita was one of 23 out of 45 judges, and 82 out of 254 magistrates who were declared unfit for the jobs in the Justice Ringera-led process.

“We have lost a very resourceful person. Because of his diligence, many people came to him, confirming he was a thorough lawyer. He gave us matters to do,” said Karauka.

Marius Maranya, a lawyer who hailed from Tigania region, said: “He was my pupil master, role model, and mentor.” 

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